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At the Sinclair Consultancy, we have experience of writing specialist textile books and training materials as well as editorial for the education and design markets. We have also developed presentations for textile designers looking to present to a wider market or exhibit at a trade show.

Contact us for further details to see how we can help you with your presentation needs.


We believe that good quality research is essential as well as innovative thinking is core to the work that we do and ourDesign Director Rose Sinclair thinks so as well and is currently studying for a MPhil in the Dept of Fashion and Textiles ( Constructed Textiles) at the Prestigious Royal College of Art in London, as they say "Watch this Space" for further information.

Developing new products or developing new ideas? Need shop or market reports? The Sinclair Consultancy can develop ideas and information for you. Need trend or mood boards to present new ranges, and ideas? Email us for further details.

Rose Sinclair has been made Textiles Editor for SFE's Just for Textiles Magazine. We love to focus innovative companies as well as designers and book reviews, and as this is for teachers also the innovative work you are doing at any level. If you want to view a copy visit the SFE Wesbite click here  or check out the last nine issues by logging to Just for Textiles Plus click here  if you want to submit an article then please emails us on

New Publications -

Jan 2006

GCSE Textiles  - Publisher Heinnemann Books

Comprises a Pupil Book and Teacher Resource Pack



Current Publications

  • The Essentials of GCSE for Textiles Technology-
    The Essential of GCSE for Textiles Technology –Student workbook

    An essential book on the list that supports pupils, with book a text book and the essential student workbook covering specifications for all major exam boards.
    Text book in full colour 96 pages. Student workbook in black and white
    For more details and to order your copies visit
  • ICT Activities for Textiles Technology: A new interactive CD-ROM and Resource book. Published by Heinemann Educational Secondary Division. ISBN: 0435421514. Written by Rose Sinclair of the Sinclair Consultancy. Suitable for 14+
  • Skills in Textiles Technology - Teacher Resource Pack: Published by Heinemann Educational Secondary Division. ISBN: 0435421166. Written by Rose Sinclair of the Sinclair Consultancy. Aimed at 11-14 year olds.
  • Skills in Textiles Technology - Pupil Book: Heinemann Educational Secondary Division. ISBN: 043542114X. Written by Rose Sinclair of the Sinclair Consultancy. Suitable for 11-14 year olds.


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